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Local Campaigns

Scams Awareness Month 2017

Citizens Advice and Trading Standards Services are leading activities throughout July for Scams Awareness Month. The aim of the campaign is to give consumers the skills and confidence to identify scams, share experiences and take action by reporting suspicious activity. We will be running events in Oxford throughout July, at venues such as banks and GP surgeries. For event updates check out our Facebook page, and for further information, the Scams Awareness Month website

High-cost credit

High-cost credit - our campaign to cap the cost of high-cost credit products for consumers. 

Settled and safe: a renter's right

Settled and safe: a renter's right - our campaign demanding a safe and settled future for renters.

Talk about abuse

Talk about abuse - our campaign to encourage people to look for signs of domestic abuse among their friends and family, to talk about it, listen and support and suggest further help.

Secure self-employment

Secure self-employment - our campaign for simpler and more responsive policies that give self-employed people the security to plan and balance their lives, while developing their business.