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Capping high-cost credit


Capping high-cost credit from Rachel Ruscombe-King


"I stopped buying food and paying rent. I didn't tell the lender I was struggling because I felt embarrassed and ashamed." "The rep got the cash out and it was on the coffee table while we were talking. He mentioned the interest rate, but I would have agreed to anything with the cash on the table."


Our Campaign

High-cost credit can all too often lead to unmanageable debt. People can quickly fall into a debt trap, borrowing more to make repayments or falling behind on priority bills such as council tax. Some scrimp on food and other essentials to try to meet the demands of lenders. 

Payday loan problems reported to us have more than halved since the introduction, in 2015, of a total cost cap for payday loans. Unfortunately, other types of high-cost credit such as doorstep loans, unauthorised bank overdraft fees, rent-to-own products and catalogue debts are not so tightly regulated and since 2015 we have seen a rise in the proportion of our Oxford clients struggling with these types of debts.

Our campaign seeks to draw attention to the success of the total cost cap on payday loans, and calls for it to be extended to all types of high-cost credit, thus giving greater protection to consumers.

Campaign Result


In May 2018 the FCA announced plans to improve protection on a number of high cost credit products including rent to own, home collected loans and store cards. Further details are here.

However, they have not extended these measures to the doorstep lending market, which 1.6 million people use to help make ends meet. Citizens Advice Oxford will continue to call for the cap to be extended to the doorstep lending market to protect vulnerable consumers.


What you can do


To get involved in the campaign or to share your experience of using high-cost products please contact

For advice on managing debts, please call our helpline on 03444 111 444 or visit your local office during opening hours. 




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