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Citizen Advice Oxfordshire puts a call out for memorabilia and memories for their 80th anniversary

Citizens Advice Oxford was one of the very first Citizens Advice offices to open.  From 1940 – 41, Citizens Advice Oxford helped 1,780 people. Since then, the number of people we help and the complexity of issues have grown.

Last year, Citizens Advice offices across Oxfordshire provided advice to 24,500 people face to face, by phone, email or web chat.

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"Stop, report, talk: Be #scamaware"

Citizens Advice Oxfordshire and Trading Standards are encouraging people to talk about their experiences and look out for others, particularly more vulnerable people.

64% of people in the South East of England have been approached by a scammer in the last two years finds Citizens Advice Oxfordshire. Worryingly, of those targeted, only 46% of people spoke to anyone about it.

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Be part of the next 80 years of volunteering with Citizens Advice across Oxfordshire

Citizens Advice across Oxfordshire wants people to be part of the next 80 years of its history by volunteering with them.

The Citizens Advice service started almost 80 years ago on the eve of the Second World War and is supported by 22,000 volunteers across England and Wales

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Citizens Advice Oxfordshire launches new ‘Help to Claim’ service

On 1st April 2019, Citizens Advice launched a new service called “Help to Claim” for those who need help to apply for Universal Credit in Oxfordshire.

People will now be able to get support from the charity to submit their Universal Credit application to get a correct first full payment.

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New Social Prescribing Project

Two Oxfordshire Citizens Advice offices are partnering to launch a new “Social Prescribing” service across Cherwell and West Oxfordshire called Community Connect. It connects people to local groups and services that help to reduce isolation and improve health and wellbeing. It’s medicine that’s not in a bottle.

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Better access to post is key to ending homelessness

Citizens Advice has revealed an unnecessary catch-22 that is stopping homeless people accessing public services because they don’t have a fixed postal address.

Failure to receive important correspondence from public services including banks, healthcare, Jobcentres, courts and housing services can have serious consequences.

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Settled and safe: a renter's right

Settled and safe: a renter's right - our campaign demanding a safe and settled future for renters.

Talk about abuse

Talk about abuse - our campaign to encourage people to look for signs of domestic abuse among their friends and family, to talk about it, listen and support and suggest further help.